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Applying - Individuals

Guidance Notes for Grants to Individuals in Need who are on a low income and have a serious, long-term illness/disability or are over 65 on a low income

This is a guide to the policies and procedures of the Charity. If you have any questions regarding the suitability of your application or the information required, you are welcome to telephone or write to us for advice and guidance.

Who may apply - IMPORTANT

The programme's aim

The aim of this programme is to provide urgent one off assistance for essential items to the beneficiaries defined below.

Who may benefit

The Charity will consider giving assistance to individuals in the U.K. on low incomes and in distressed circumstances and who are within the categories stated below:

Older People - Individuals aged over 65 on low income

Disabled People - Children or adults with a physical/learning disability or serious long-term illness or adults with a severe and enduring mental health problem which prevents them from working

What we can help with

In particular, the Charity CANNOT help with:

How to apply

Social Workers can apply by clicking here or following the "Apply Now" link from the home page.

When to apply

You may apply at any time during the year.

How we deal with your application

If your application is successful and the grant has been approved, we will notify you by email. Our supplier will contact the beneficiary directly to arrange delivery. In the case of clothing, a Gift Card will be sent via post and in the case of flooring we will send a cheque to the referring worker payable to the Council or NHS Trust.

We ask that applicants wait 4 weeks before contacting the Charity regarding the progress of an application.

The Charity receives more applications than it can fund and regrettably we cannot always assist. In order to contain costs, we do not notify unsuccessful applicants.

We are unable to respond to applications that do not meet the Charity's beneficiary or funding criteria or if made by an organisation other than the Council or NHS Trust.

Points to note

Terms and conditions

Data Protection

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